Dirty Laundry and Broken Hearts

I didn’t realize as I stepped onto the landing and through the door of the laundromat that this day would be THE day a new crack would form in the universe, the universe of my heart.

You don’t have to spend much time in a small town before realizing everyone knows everybody’s business, also known as “dirty laundry” and yet I hadn’t a clue the young man who worked behind the counter along with his two toddlers, had recently been abandoned. 

The above excerpt is from a writing project I’m working on, true accounts of “real life” happening all around me.  Through a recent series of events my faith has been challenged, and I am on a soul journey to learn how to love my neighbor.  By making myself available, specifically to single parents and their children, I am learning something very important about their needs, but even more surprising, I’m learning something very important about myself.

Without Jesus, my love is only as good as the people who gave up on them.

Fragile, fickle, conditional and selfish….

What does true love look like?

What does it mean to love our neighbor?

What does it mean to love the Lord our God with our whole heart, mind and soul?

What Every Man Deserves

the sound of abuse

has a unique timbre

not the harsh consonant of the accuser

but the high pitched whine fermented over time

of the victim

it also has a shape

rounded and hunched

trembles and jumps

at the slightest mistake

bracing for the aftermath

and it’s not a fist

but the blow comes down with a force to match

doesn’t pierce the skin

and yet there are scars

doesn’t draw blood

yet they walk around bled dry

and empty

eyes with narrow slits of light

ready to close at the first sign

of its coming

wincing in advance

and they forget to open them

when talking to friends

because they’ve forgotten

what friends do

but afraid they might see inside

and accuse them too

or ask questions, why?

Why did it take you so long to flee?

Why did it take you so long to see?

Why did it take you so long to believe,

that every man deserves to be treated with dignity?

Cindy PalinImage