Pull the Plug and LIVE!

It’s hard to believe “typing class” existed in High School, and even more of a stretch – manual typewriters.  I smile every time I think of Greg Kinnear from “You’ve Got Mail”, going on and on about the hum of his typewriters, but I think his collection were electric, maybe mixed?

At any rate, I’m thrilled we don’t have to type on those “things” anymore, that we have computers instead.  But there’s always a danger when technology advances, with each task made easier, mankind has more opportunity to lose themselves.  As if we need another distraction!

The lyrics from “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot,
suggest we’ve done just that!

“Maybe we’ve been livin’ with our eyes half open
Maybe we’re bent and broken, broken
We were meant to live for so much more
but we lost ourselves”

Kinnear kept buying and stacking up type writers, so much so, he was beginning to forget the ones he’d already purchased.  It was clear he was even more enamored with himself and his words.

Today we are inundated with other’s words and what we should collect on the internet, ie; friends on facebook.  How many of us actually believe the number of friends on our facebook page truly reflect friendship? And is everyone truly connecting on Twitter because they really care about those they are following, or followed by?  How much of these activities are just killing precious time, rather than investing in someone’s life?

I’m reminded of a “mirror” story, from the book of James in the Bible, which brings to mind another kind of mirror.  The kind millions of people stare into everyday and night, sometimes 24/7 – screens, on their computers or their phones – as if our lives depend on them.  James warns us to practice what we’ve been taught in God’s Word, or we will lose ourself!
James 1:21 – 25

How much of what God teaches us is represented in the activities we choose to take part in, on the internet?

What does your life depend on, or have you lost it somewhere?

Pull the Plug and LIVE or at least learn to use technology to enrich your life, not ditch your life!

Cindy Soul Journey

What does love look like?


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