That Invisible “thing”!

I don’t know when it actually hit me, the realization of what that invisible “thing” was every time I bumped into him…but the light bulb moment came.  And eventually every “thing” is made visible by the light!

He had a “for sale” sign on his forehead, even with his wedding ring on his left hand!  Some people never shake it.  I had worn the sign on my forehead too, once upon a time, when I was single and lost and searching for love in all the wrong places….kinda sounds like the country song Waylon Jennings made famous, and I don’t even like country music. 

Anything to fill the void, but with each passing fancy the void only gets bigger, deeper, darker until your insides smell like a rotting, hollow tumor.  The only love that offers an absolute guarantee was nailed to a cross thousands of years ago, freed from a borrowed tomb, for you and for me.

But the “real thing”, very few people choose to embrace.

Another excerpt from my book project entitled; “Love Leaves”.

But everything exposed by the light becomes visible….Eph 5:13a

Ephesians 5


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