Writing to Heal

Somewhere along the way I started growing up and quit reading, right about the same time I realized I, myself, was in a real live story of my own, one I didn’t like very much.

My story was written out daily with words like; worry, stomach aches, yelling, and nightly with nightmares and fear. When I dared try to make sense of it by sharing with a friend, I’d get looked at like a crazy person. I learned to keep my story to myself, until I got my guitar… and nobody puts musicians in straight jackets, right? Strange, when you pen the ugly truth to a song, you’re a genius, everyone likes you and the song!

I’m still learning about the power of story. Recently I could hear the author of the “greatest story ever told”, prompting me to write, not the usual short story accompanied by a melody but a longer story in paragraphs and chapters, but why?

I had so many questions for Him, and still do. When I got married there were different questions than the ones I have now, now that my children are grown and leaving home. But I believe He’s been calling me to write in order to further understand His purpose and plan for me, which is an ongoing process.

There is nothing like revisiting your history in order to grasp your present. As I read through the Old Testament I could see the connections to the New Testament, I could trace the steps of God’s people on their desert journey into the promised land. And what did I see there for me? A rescue, a second chance, the importance of trust and obedience, some pretty incredible miracles and…….healing.

The excerpt above is another from my project; “Love Leaves” and leads into a divine story telling appointment that happened amongst six or so strangers, around a wooden table one February afternoon.

Where are you in your life story right now and what have you learned along the way?  Are you able to let God into your heart and show you truth?  Are you wiling to write it down?  Do you believe in the power of story and healing?


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