101 Excuses or the Ugly Truth?

My Heart’s Lament     I betcha you’re wondering why anyone would want to write something with the title “Love Leaves”, especially a believer!  After all, aren’t we all conditioned to believe in “happy endings”?  Maybe, you’re reading this blog post in hopes to find answers to your endless love-life questions.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll share a helpful strategy or two.  Surely you’ll find a solution to your problem, or better yet – an excuse.

I think the word “excuse” says it all, don’t you?  More than happy endings, more than “love”, mankind is all about excuses, in order to get what we want of course.  And then we cleverly come up with all kinds of catch phrases to make our selfish desires sound hip!

I didn’t intend to write “Love Leaves” in the beginning, but something happened in the process of recollecting my frayed friend’s, neighbor’s and family’s realities.  Next to excuses, we’re really good at giving pat answers and expecting them to suit everyone’s situation.  Besides, pat answers give you an easy way out, no relationship necessary.  See what I mean?  It’s perpetual.

This journey isn’t about pointing a finger at the male gender, nor is it about singling out the female populace.  It’s not about “it takes two”, because sometimes it only takes one hard heart to kill a family.

I’ve been witness to an epidemic of which there is no cure, not for everyone. Although it might seem a bit sadistic to continuously notate tragedy after tragedy in the most heart-felt way imaginable, it’s the truth.

This journey is about the ugly truth.

This is what is happening all around me every day.  This reality has got me to thinking.  This thinking has moved me to write, and who knows, I just might learn something, in fact, I’m counting on it.

This reality doesn’t mean I’m in the judgement seat, I’m watching, I’m listening.

Someday, I’d like to write about “Love Stays”.  Oops – does that mean I’ve given away the happy ending?


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