One Hundred and Two Souls on Board.

I stood at my studio desk watching a program stream on my computer, noise to keep me company.  I  assembled three pieces of art in the shape of a totem, and looked up from the table when a movie review caught my ear. A new film with Denzel Washington, called; Flight.  I heard just a few words, “one hundred and two souls on board” but that’s all it took for my spirit to identify.

That’s right, we are souls.  I had almost forgotten what was missing lately, from the daily equation.  We are not mere faces on Facebook, objects in magazines, titles on Twitter, widgets on websites.  We are SOULS.

Our spirits can’t be truly heard over a text.  Though we try to convey our feelings through the written word, our emotions, dreams, joy and pain cannot be shared through our devices, they must be lived, audibly spoken, welcomed, trusted, tasted, loved.

We’ve learned the art of creation or at least we tell ourselves we have.  We’ve engineered miracles of technology and sent man to the moon and we continue to strain to reach beyond, yet cannot reach each other, arms only long enough to pat our own backs and fill our own pockets.

We gloat of our accomplishments, persist in our pursuits and forget there is a law of gravity, an ocean, a tide – and now it grows between us.  Unforgiving, ticking time, and we race it as if we stand a chance to win.

We’ve drunk the serum of deception.  Infected with a virus, we are.  Discontented and distracted, wined and dined by a visible pulsing power.  Now, mostly blind to those who offer their love and who need our love.  Now, mostly blind to His redeeming power.

Reality eludes us and silence is no more.  We’ve been seduced by loud empty promises, that breed more loud empty promises.  They scream at us because they are afraid.  They’re afraid we’ll find out there’s still hope.

But – we can turn them off.  If the voice inside your head is driving you away from touch and breath, laughter and passion, from Truth and His purpose – turn it off.  You, my friend are a soul, not a number, nor a machine.

It is not in the midst of material we find ourselves, but in the midst of relationship.  And when we are found we can find others and free them.  Extend your hand.

Jesus, thank you for patiently waiting by the side of my life’s road.  For tirelessly calling my name, until I heard your voice over the noise of empty promises.  I turned and saw you with your arms wide open and the cross behind.  Your eyes smiled at me and I leapt into your arms.

I am a soul that has been saved.  I am yours!





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