These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Perky Pumpkins in Ritzville, Oregon, USA

On Vacation – Saturday, October 27th (posted Sunday because – we’re on holidays and we can post things late if we want to:)

From brown paper packages tied up with string at the N3 Project home base in Post Falls, Idaho to snapping a picture of perky pumpkins in the rain just outside of Ritzville, South on Hwy 90.  And in between, our brief pit-stop at the information center, where I found I had pocketed our dear friend’s camera by mistake.  If we hadn’t been so shocked by our klepto-caper, we may have snooped around more and drooled over the incredible faded brick backdrop of historic downtown Spokane.  The rock formations just south of the city gazed at me almost forlornly as we sped by.  If they weren’t so heavy, they could have hopped a ride.  Vertical gnashings sliced by hundreds of years of erosion, made their rock faces look weathered, wrinkled and scarred and …..sad.  A short distance further, on the other side of One Mile Lake, what looked like Ponderosa pine gave way to strange clumps of desert grass in shades of sage and mustard.  Let’s call it the desert brocolli plant!  Soon the grassy landscape dwindled to dust to reveal another type of rock deposit which resembled large mounds of fossilized manure, as if some large space creature had flown over head once upon a time and pooped out multi-layer cake.

P.S.  I will post a picture of Friday’s happenings (who says things have to be in order?), but left my camera cord at home, and my card reader, oh well – I’ll borrow one from our son – whom we’re meeting Monday a.m.


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