Facetime on the Boardwalk

Approaching Sacramento, yet another landscape develops.  Grassland dotted with a new type of tree that boasts of an umbrella-shaped canopy.  Shot past our turn off, couldn’t see the small print “Capitol Freeway”.  Stopped at a gas station and called the Hotel for an exit number, turned around and made it!  We didn’t want to use G.P.S on phone due to roaming charges.  We had stopped at our home phone experts and bought a special package to use while in the States, but as far as we can tell we’ve already maxed out.  Data shut off!  However our texting option, alive and well, gave us the ability to tease Eric about getting lost and winding up in L.A.  Kidding!  Found out the Disney tour were just leaving San Jose about the same time we found our hotel.

Checked in and were told the Disney crew were arriving between 10:30 and midnight.  Went to bed, knowing Eric would probably call when he got in.  He did and we woke up around midnight and chatted on the end of the bed with Mariko and our son for about thirty minutes.  Next day, Eric, Lloyd and I had breakfast at Cocoa’s, but Mariko stayed in bed and rested.  Apparently, full week was had by their cast, with two days of triple shows, plus full day of presentations before that, where skaters performed character parts for principle and understudy roles.

Old Sacramento, Sacramento, California

We wandered over to a nearby mall, where Eric and Lloyd looked for shoes, and I found a Barnes and Noble where I bought “Home” by Novogratz!  Nike grey and fluorescent orange were purchased, size 9 1/2, for Eric’s visits to the gym,  then destination “Old Sacramento” thanks to his new iPhone 5 instructions.

Snapped all kinds of photos in Old Sacramento then returned to Hotel to get ready for dinner and pick Mariko up.  Dinner planned for the Delta King, an old paddle boat on the Sacramento River.

Highlights;  Meeting up with our son for the first time since August 23rd, face to face!  Facetime with Julie, back at work in Olds, Alberta, Facetime with Jordan Lehmann at Wycliffe in Calgary, Alberta while wandering the old boardwalk in Old Sacramento.  What a sense of humor!  Facetime with Uncle Jack on the Delta King, over dinner.

the Delta King Paddle Boat on the Sacramento River



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