Polka Dots and Coffee Pots

A sign you might want to try and make, out of old license plates.
(from Marie’s Gift Shop at Lakeside Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA

Nothing like lounging in polka dots at a friend’s kitchen table, nursing a third or fourth cup of coffee before breakfast.  Off to his office for an updated tour; personal touches by partners in ministry, vignettes of sunshine on every wall, soul friends and memories.  Keyboard settings; dual, piano and strings, for a song share Saturday a.m.  Last stop in Brian’s Mom’s chair,  framed yellowed sheet music overhead, watching timely touches, CD‘s burned, labeled and bundled for final workshop.

Noodle house, chopsticks and conversation for lunch, then a nap – all three.

Dinner with Alissa, hugs wrapped in red plaid before taking a trip together to meet more friends at the Coeur d’Alene Lakeside Resort, recently renovated, Operation; Dockside Cafe to indulge in their famous desserts.  Knickered parking valets smiling in the rain, glamorous lighting entices you through transparent turn style doors, taupe and mountain blue sparkle, and then; “Marie’s”.  A massive fish gallery boasting exotic swimmers, makes the perfect lobby jewel, but Marie’s Boutique?  To die for!  My favorite fairy tale walk through ever from the light fixtures that bling above to the baskets, buckets, trays, and counters of endless crafters’ eye candy, home decor and personal attire (notice the heart warming sign above).

Wove our way through Dockside Cafe to find a window table where glimmers of night lights reflected on the lake outside.  Slowly savored each tasty morsel of an over-sized chocolate peanut butter sundae, the locals call; gooeys!  Burnt off hundreds of calories with the best exercise known to man – laughter!


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