Hidden Treasures

down Capitol Way, Sacramento, California


Wednesday morning I stayed in bed while Lloyd joined Eric and Kate, and others at a television station for a Disney PR interview.  I ordered room service for the very first time in my life and felt like a queen as I sat at the desk playing with words (blogging).

Later in the day while Eric and friends rested, Lloyd and I decided to try to find the oldest tree in Sacramento, which was in the same vicinity as a residence the late President Reagan use to reside in – we found neither.

However, on our way back through a rather seedy district, we followed the last shred of instinct we had (obviously couldn’t read the map) and found Capitol Way.  Much to my joy there were plenty of architecture specimens to photograph as well as the Capitol building shining stoically at the end of the street.

We continued back the way we’d come, snapping more photos, and a musician with a guitar balanced a top his head, asked us for money to buy new strings.  Lloyd looked at him and replied “you’ll be o.k., man”.  I laughed at my husband’s quick and irrelevant response.  If you can read between the lines, you already know that statement was Lloyd language for;  “buzz off!,  you puny excuse for a guitar man!”.

Next I saw a number on one of the old houses and remarked “look Lloyd, this house was built, in 1802”, at which point he laughed and pointed to a house directly across the street and said, “look Cindy, this was built, in 1803!”.  I was so embarrassed, and could barely keep myself from falling over with laughter.  The numbers on the houses were their house numbers, not the year they were constructed!

“Hear ye, hear ye, all blondes, move over – I am expanding my territory”!






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