Unless you Own a Cape…

Thanks for a wonderful show, Disney on Ice! We love you!

Thursday am we finally made a point of getting John’s camera in the mail, bought a GPS for obvious reasons, bought a camera cord and I spent quality time with two employees from Best Buy trying to find out who a mysterious musician was on late night television.  I still don’t know who he was, but will soon.  I’m convinced – he’s amazing, and not the “American Idol” kind of talent, better than; -real, unique, indie, maybe even hipster, and certainly not cookie cutter!

Eric and cast had a show to do, and I didn’t want us to tire him out before hand.  What am I thinking?  “Tired” isn’t in his vocabulary.  However they did lay low and we met them at the lobby around 3:30 to take them for their ice time.  Warning!  Do not run GPS and iPhone at same time – conflicting directions can cause a headache.  But we did find the arena and also discovered it has three names, now that’s as clear as mud!

The show was amazing and in Chuck’s words “it never gets old”.  But….never pose with the cast after the show unless you happen to own a cape and stand six feet two.  Especially avoid standing next to Elastigirl from the Incredibles.  I thought I looked rather short and dumpy before, now I’m positive.  Not to mention, all those photos won’t be publicized anytime soon.  Besides, those of you who know us, don’t need a picture to remind you what we look like.  And Chuck, if you can hear me, you had better destroy your copies or our friendship could be in peril.  On the lighter side – your picture (Chuck) and yours (Lloyd), turned out!  Perhaps I can Photoshop my head on someone else’s body?  I need to ask God why men age better?  Statistically speaking, women may live longer, even after giving birth several times, but men age better.

Cory, thanks for your travel advice for driving up the West Coast.  We took your advice and made sure to slow down and smell the ocean air!

P.S. Kate you are amazing and we appreciate all you do!  And of course, we love you Eric, Mariko, Callum, Tommy, Taylor, Miranda and others…Great Skating!


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