Connecting the Dots, Point to Point!

Point Arena, California

Our initial plan was to drive from Sacramento to Eureka, California, then due north from there, but after talking to Cory, “Disney on Ice” Show Director, we changed our plans.

We took Interstate 80 west and then highway 37.  Our first stop was Point Reyes, where we bought a coffee from a quaint bakery and asked for directions from a jeweler who informed us we were standing on the San Andreas Fault.  And may I say – sunshine all the way from there, through the Sonoma Valley, trying to decipher between salt water from fresh, farmland from marsh?

Always thought purple was a man-made color, but apparently it’s another one of God’s specialties and he paints some of the flowers here in California – purple.

We thought we’d stay in Bodega Bay, but decided to go further up the coast, destination Mendocino.  Tuned the radio to a local station called; SKUNK, and hummed along to “Heh There Delilah”.  Who sings that song?

Passed quite an expansive development on Pebble Beach, called; Sea Ranch.  All the houses are built with the same materials, color and style.  Must look up that development when I get a chance.

Took a two-mile detour out to Point Arena lighthouse, by this time the fog and rain had socked us in and the lighthouse looked more like a forlorn statue than an angel of light.

Somewhere we happened upon Point Stewart where family had begun resurrecting an ancestral landmark.  Walked into a converted house to find an incredible Deli with mixed gift-wares and antiques.  I had chicken cranberry salad on rye, Lloyd had a marinated beef sandwich, of which we cannot remember the exact name.

Stopped at a vista point before Mendocino and sang along with Huey Lewis and the News.  Lots of Cypress trees, one particular root system fought with a fence, not sure who won.

Passed a sign “Tsunami Hazard” as we descended rather rapidly into a low-lying area of the highway.  Construction slowed us to a halt where we were warned our wait might be as long as fifteen minutes.  Work on the bridge ahead.  The good news, the highway worker was friendly, the bad news; the sign read “bridge completion 2014”.  We might be a while.  I decided to text our children and let them know we were alive and well, but there was no service.  We sat on the road in the middle of what seemed to be “nowhere” rocking to “Keep on Rocking Me” by the Steve Miller Band.

On down the road we drove, past a beautiful grove of Cypress, all in a row, towering over us like guardian soldiers.  On our left, we whizzed by a large barn like shop with a funky name; Sisters……., we decided we missed out on a rather hip flea market, or large garage sale.

We rolled into Mendocino early enough to still see, but too cold to walk around and find a place to stay, so we pressed on to Fort Bragg for lodging with the hopes of returning in the morning.



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