A New Kind of Oxygen

Hiking through Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove, California

Was gold discovered here – thus the name “Eureka”?  Didn’t think to ask a local if that’s how the town was named.

Our day’s travels through the dense west-coast forest of the Northern California Redwoods had filled our lungs with wonder, something more invigorating than oxygen.



We dumped our bags in our hotel room and flopped our “Gumby” bodies on the bed.  Soon dreams of animated towering trees fluttered behind our eye lids, filtering their sunlight like the sea sifts her sand.

The forest canopy lifted its arms through the mist in praise to our Maker and remnants of holy rain, fell as an offering to the forest floor, to resurrect the dying, to kiss our awe-struck faces.  Rare windows framed with branches on carefully carved turnouts, reveal billions of tree tops for a thousand rolling hills and a sobering awesome truth envelops me.  We could be lost, but they know we’re here, Jesus knows we’re here and without Him what would all this mean?

We descend as sharply as we had ascended, for mile upon mile, twist upon turn, to find a mighty King tree who graciously allows us to drive right through him.  We reverently go around and park nearby.  Our necks cannot bend back far enough to see his crown, but I know it’s there between the clouds and stars, rusted by salt air, blown in on the Pacific wind since the beginning of time.




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