Christmas Hope is found….

Wasn’t able to keep up with my travel blog, but that’s the beauty of listening for God‘s guidance.  Sometimes we need to put something down and pick something else up.  We’re home now and it’s been a struggle to kick into gear in my studio, especially at this time of year – the season of Christmas!

There is always a lesson to be learned when it comes to balance and this week’s particular, is one of utmost importance.

I must continue to guard my time with the Lord.  I must continue to make time to write.  As I pace myself in the shop, I must continue to focus on the each project as the person they represent and enjoy, and breathe.  I must also call it all to a halt when the days no longer hold enough time to reach Christmas deadlines.  And if Jesus says “go” I must be ready to “go” and do what ever it is he has for me to do.  Even if I think I have enough to do.

And above all I must remember that we are all on this life journey in search of hope.  And guess what?  That hope came down at Christmas for us all.  That hope has a name, and he isn’t just some vague “higher power” or the “man upstairs”.  People have a tendency to keep him at a distance by using those general names.  It’s hard to believe the God of the universe sent His son to a manger, and then the cross for peons such as ourselves.  But He did.  So say His name “Jesus” and be filled with “Christmas Hope”!

Christmas Hope, available on iTunes!



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