Answering the Call

julie and little red wagon

Julie pulling her little red wagon, soon to be toting her big red backpack

We hear He loves us all the time but when He actually moves in close where you can feel His breath on your neck, and romantically bestows a tender personal gift – we’re surprised.

Christmas brought relatives and visiting and cooking and eating.  New Years brought school, and related assignments, back to work and more visitors to bid our Julie farewell on her travels.  A midst everything I kept pressing in to Jesus and then a couple of days ago – a song.

I love the melody, the words, everything about it.  I got a call yesterday from a writer’s group (whom I’ll leave anonymous at this time), and they were asking about one of my songs that I had entered into a competition.  Even though I thought my entry didn’t need to be accompanied with a disc, they were requesting a sound file anyway.  I went out to my workshop and dug out the box of cords for my recording equipment.  We had moved all the studio stuff to the workshop so we could set up a guest room again for all our guests.  I wondered when I’d get to record again and then the phone call.

So I plugged everything in whilst remembering the first time we bought the equipment, our friend John who had helped us set it up, wondered if I’d remember how to do it myself, and bingo – recorded a rough draft for my entry and sent it off.  Then I remembered – the song.  Now that I had everything set up and plugged in, I locked the studio door and indulged myself.   I sat down again and began to record the new song and lost myself in the moment of it all.  Somehow I knew the timing was significant.

This morning I awoke and three things were on my mind.  Julie had one day left with us before she was to take off for five months.  I had a new song floating through my head AND Jesus loves me that much.  He knows what we need when we need it.  He comes along at just the right time and gives us – a song.

I recognized what He was doing, the giving and the taking.  The adding and subtracting of life.  He was blessing us for releasing our daughter to serve Him, by giving me a song.  I knew the song in itself didn’t hold some magical power, but the truth, the message in the song was two-fold.  Julie was answering a call and so must I continue to live out the call God had for me.

A dear neighbor and friend once told me about an article she had read.  Another mother in the faith had suggested that we understand our children leaving as not only part of God’s mysterious plan, but a gift!  A window of time different from any other, for us to continue to answer the call He has on our lives.  I must also say that if Jesus is going to prepare us for releasing our daughter, He is going to be as real and strong for her.

I’ve recorded a sound sample without vocals for you to hear.  It is a rough draft.  And as you listen to it, remember – Jesus loves you.  Give Him a chance to romance you and for Eternity’s sake – ANSWER THE CALL.

see website above for sound sample

Going through the motions, knowing there is someone else

promising devotion, calling you beyond yourself

there are times you’ve considered leaving what you know

then default wins the battle and even if it’s cold

You’re gonna stay living your life your way

You’re gonna stay – living your life

You’re gonna choose whether He paid the price

that you’re alright – living your life

He knows you’ve hungered after more

He’s seen your soul reach for the door

Going through the motions, knowing there’s an atmosphere

more than just a notion, want to hear Him loud and clear

So the hour of decision stands before your heart

Mercy wins the battle and opens up His arms

You’re gonna stay living His life His way

You’re gonna stay now that you’re alive

You’re gonna choose learning to sacrifice

and you’re alright – now that you’re alive

You’re gonna stay

copyright February 1, 2013 – Cindy Palin

All rights reserved


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