No Substitutes

My dear young friends,

So excited about what you are learning in your walk with God and that you have chosen to seek him in your youth.  I admit that there are many new things I hear you talk about that I don’t understand, but I will not judge just because I don’t understand.  As your sister in the Lord I may question and discuss.

I will also pray that all the new and mysterious things the Holy Spirit is showing you, will be remembered and draw you into a deeper walk with the Almighty God.  The Israelites saw many things, but soon after their deliverance and miraculous trek across a dry sea bed, they were still more effected by the earthly world around them than what God was wanting to do in their hearts.

I remember as a young girl staying with a favorite older cousin.  She lived in a girls house and they were all attending the Immanuel Church and Bible School in Calgary.  I was amazed at the music and community and what I saw happening in people’s lives.  I wanted very much to have what they had.

Eventually I came to know Jesus Christ, personally.  Thanks to his unfailing love and sacrificial pursuit of my heart, my faith roots continue to grow.   But sadly, years ago I heard the news that my cousin’s marriage dissolved.  My heart broke when I heard the news, and even to this day I grieve for what might have been.  All their dreams and promises, their faith and family, rocked by what the world offers all to often – attractive, temporary substitutes.

Embrace what He is showing you, but do not forget His epic rescue especially once you step into new territory.  Remember there are no substitutes for His love and His truth.






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