Flooding the Gutters with my River of Pain

Not that it’s fun to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders from time to time, but it does shove my heart to the edge.  And that is where I find Him, standing like a rock, buffering the wind, arms wide open, and he smiles and gives me a pen and I run off like He’s just given me my favorite candy, and write something down.

A couple of days ago a heaviness came to visit and settled right in as if it meant to stay for awhile.  I asked friends to pray and knew that eventually the cloud would lift.  As I was wading through the muck in holey hip waders I remembered how I love a thunder storm at the end of a hot summer day.  I can stand for hours and watch the “run off” race down the gutter into the storm drain, always so amused at what the water picks up along the way, as long as it isn’t me.

Then I saw myself as a little girl in bare feet padding through the puddles with a make shift secret in my hands.  A couple of tooth picks and a touch of white and I squatted down on the side walk and placed it in the water.  The sky was so low and heavy that I felt a bit like chicken little.  My little project, compared to the gutter rapids looked so tiny and frail,  but I knew something it didn’t…..so I let my sail boat go.

As these images played through my mind I found myself sitting at the piano writing this song……I can hardly wait to record it and share that too.  Think “blues” feel, low notes, smooth rocking, back and forth melody, husky voice – but a warmth that spells hope.

The news of a storm on a hot summer’s day

Flooding the gutters with my river of pain

I barefoot the puddles and soak to the bone

Cause I’m out on a mission – not sailing alone

It’s you and me my friend, I can hear you on the wind

Saying “rain lasts for a day, but my rainbow’s here to stay!”

The clouds on the stage are too low for a view

Hanging my happy was a cruel thing to do

I’m knee-deep in middles but aiming to float

Cause I’m out on a mission to sail our boat

It’s you and me my friend, I can hear you on the wind

Saying “rain lasts for a day, but my rainbow’s here to stay!”

Tidal waves sweep the bottom of my soul, but your rainbow’s here to stay!

©May 15th, 2013

There’s nothing like remembering God’s promise.  We might not feel him near, it might take a while to hear his voice, we might feel like helpless little children on a makeshift boat, the clouds might not allow for even a glimpse of light, the storm drain threatens to suck us down its vortex but for………….the invisible rainbow.  The everlasting promise that our ship’s Captain will never abandon us.





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