A Lesson in Love – a Closer Look at Songwriting

It wasn’t until after I had practiced this particular song over and over in order to share it with my church family, that I began to discover new layers of meaning in every line.

Just like the story or setting can help us understand text in scripture more clearly, the story behind a song can reveal hidden truths as well.  Several blogs back I revealed part of the story behind “Lesson in Love”, but today I’d like to invite you to take an even closer look at a unique song (verse one) and the deeper lessons found therein.

A Lesson in Love – verse one

I gotta lesson in love today, I didn’t bargain for  (I struggled with the word “bargain” and then realized that it’s perfect for revealing our flawed human nature, meaning we expect things to be easy, always looking for a deal that will benefit us in some way.  A closer look reminded me of the price our Lord and Savior paid for our salvation.  Dictionary.com tells us that a bargain is “an advantageous purchase, especially one acquired at less than the usual cost.”  Our souls weren’t worth a penny and yet our Lord paid the highest price – his life.  A temporary bargain was not in his sights, but love and eternity was.  And yet when he has something to teach us (lesson), again the word bargain becomes a choice word to depict how our sinful nature squirms at the thought of anything that might require work.)

Wearing the stain of someone’s mistake (at first I thought of “wearing the pain” for this line but almost shuddered at the thought, because that’s another human flaw, our propensity to live by feelings alone rather than by faith.  I chose “wearing the stain” instead and immediately saw a picture of Christ on the cross covered in our refuse.  A story I was weaving about something that had happened in my life, was becoming his story with vivid imagery of his sacrifice.)

Taking the blame that’s not mine to take (I kept thinking of all the times I was rejected because of my associations with a family member that had hurt so many but again my heart couldn’t stay wallowing in self-pity.  Was not my Jesus “despised and rejected of mankind…”? (Isaiah 53:3 b NIV))

Bowing my head when I’d rather scream (James 1:19 tells us to be “quick to listen and slow to speak”, a revelation that will take us a lifetime to embrace.  If there was a time in history for something to be said or shouted, it should have been on that hill where my Jesus hung.  We know he was in the beginning with God, we know he created the world and yet he allowed the world to crucify him.  Rather than choose power and majesty, and miraculously free himself from the nails and thorns, he bowed his head in humble silence and chose death.  Initially, when I penned this line I had been picturing myself trying to restrain my tongue, but instead I saw my Lord, nailed to a cross, with his head hanging low.)

I’m beginning to see (the last line of a verse should set up what you are going to say in the chorus.  In this case I became aware that God was leading me.  I was beginning to see the truth clearer with every line.  Not only did I know that a chorus in a song needs to reveal an answer, I knew God was going to reveal it to me, and he did!

Join us for a closer look at the “Chorus” tomorrow.


On Pet Peeves, Writing and Something Red

Hard to believe I’m typing on my laptop at the airport in Kitchener/Waterloo International, it isn’t something I like to do.  Everybody else might, but I don’t.  It’s just a ridiculous as phoning someone on your cell phone when you’re out for a walk – as if the world will end if that person doesn’t hear from you in the next sixty seconds.

Another thing I don’t like, a pet peeve if you like; people clapping in movie scenes.  There’s some sort of hollow, lack luster insincerity when they clap, the one moment in the entire movie where it’s clear they’re acting.  My shoulders rise, and I shiver the same as when the little girl in the church pew behind me rattles her gum wrapper.

While we’re on the topic of pet peeves, opening packages seems to still be in the running for number one.  Hubby says I need to use my teeth, but I say that’s not lady like.

Our trip to the mid-east of Canada for the Word Guild Gala and the Write Canada

Write! Canada

Conference has been both informative and relaxing for us, although for some, programming the GPS for random interests then driving to them, may not sound like fun at all.

We like to frequent city centers and drive around the historic areas, snapping pictures of old houses and the backsides of dilapidated downtown buildings, usually found from a  back alley view.

It doesn’t matter where you go, there’s always a welcoming Irish Pub, and we found two on this tour, one of which came with a beach volleyball net and a truckload of sand.

I got to buy a fancy dress before we flew out for the conference.  Hubby bought me a matching clutch with bling to match.  St. Jacob’s market on a hot Saturday afternoon afforded me one classy floppy sun hat with a black and white polka dot sash (which I’ve always wanted) and one pair of much-needed sun glasses that fit over my prescription lenses.  I thought for sure the glasses would look stupid, but they are very cool in my opinion.

I didn’t win in the Word Guild Lyric category, but feel very honored in having placed as a finalist.  The writing conference that followed kept my brain spilling over, you could almost see a chandelier (as opposed to single light bulb) above my head and strings of words crawling out of my ears.  I have approximately four hours on the plane ride home to review eight hours of workshop material where I plan to reorganize my writing calendar, so I can meet my new writing goals.

Oh yes, and lest I forget – we continue to be on the hunt for all things red in order to know what accents to buy when our kitchen is complete.  Can’t identify my decorating flare,  although I have a sneaking suspicion it is “eclectic”, but I’ve decided I am going to make a list of my favorite finds and then make and create my own versions instead.  For example; I love the plethora of Eiffel Tower decorative structures we found, but I’ve never been to Paris, so why buy one to sit on my counter?  So I’m going to think long and hard about the some of the places we have been, mix that with my personality and see what transpires.  Some of the photographs we took on this trip could be changed to black and white and I could Photoshop one focal point red?  Whatever comes of my creative brainstorm,  I’ll be sure to write about it and post it, so you can laugh or applaud.

And if I thought I was a writer before, I can hardly wait to see how my writing grows from here……

P.S.  When I get home and feel like uploading photos, I will make sure to share one here!