Thirty One is Too Young for Anyone to Say Goodbye.


“I never knew him” I mused, but was positive once I typed his name into my computer’s browser, I would recognize his face and I did.  I spent a generous time watching Glee episodes for the first time with my jaw stuck to the floor.  My own musical dreams hadn’t turned out the way I thought they were suppose to, so rather than mope around or live vicariously through someone else, I watch science fiction and escape the melody altogether – usually.

He looks kind of like my niece’s husband, clean-cut, bright faced, happy and healthy.  Learning about his addiction problem didn’t affect how I felt about him, but hearing his age and that his life was now over – crushed my spirit.  Thirty one is too young for anyone to say goodbye, so much more he could have discovered and overcame and celebrated.  I am thankful we do have some amazing reel to remember him by.

Being an artist myself, I know that passion has to run deep for the song or the voice or any other instrument, or acting – to impact the world.  That same passion can often be called a “weak heart” condition, a tenderness that feels beyond the normal check-point of sorrow, which if unchecked can tip the balance and send a person into an earthly black abyss.  The pills or the alcohol are the quickest way back to sunshine for some, but only for a while.

I’m not sure where his mind was before he died, if he was on the edge of the abyss, or not even close, but I can tell you this….I am going to watch Glee now, and get to know just a small piece of who Cory was.  My sympathies to those who knew him well and loved him. We are all at a great loss today.  When ever any soul lives and dies, a treasure leaves our midst.

For those other deep artist types out there, “guard your heart, for out of it flows the very issues of life” (Proverbs 23:4)





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