A Summer Recipe for a Thursday Morning

It’s summer time here in the northern hemisphere and contrary to popular belief, yes we get sunshine, people wear bathing suits and flip-flops and shorts, just for a snippet of time – blink twice and it’s gone.  Once and a while we’ll get an Indian Summer and they’re my favorite, when the hot sun decides to stay into the latter part of September!

I run a custom picture framing shop out of our garage studio, where I also write music and record song demos.  I was busy the last week of June and first week of July.  Hard to believe, because with such a short summer, I expected everyone to take their lawn chair outside and stay there, however we have had more rain than usual, flooding rain, you probably heard that in the news.

But here it is, I decided my summer had to be different from getting up and going to work.  I do homework in the mornings for Bible School and that is very good because it keeps me focused and more aware of how to avoid unwanted distractions, and then I frame in the afternoons.  However, I wanted to make my summer different and special?  Last summer I hosted a young women’s Bible Study -life changing memories.

We aren’t taking a summer holiday because we renovated our kitchen in May and June.  Come to think of it, we might not be taking an official holiday until next year but the kitchen is worth it.  Maybe I should plant my lawn chair there for a while?

I have decided to take one week off in the middle of our summer to go with my Bible, computer and write, and visit people who are dear to me.  I’ll get behind the wheel and drive and listen to God, but guess what?  You could call that a holiday?  I also decided that I would treat myself to some things I never get to do, like clean the house slowly, and thoughtfully, which brings me to this morning.

I have some of favorite tunes playing on a new i-tune playlist.  I am cleaning our two cherry wood book shelves and getting re-acquainted with our books, a love I am rediscovering – I am crazy about books.  It didn’t take long and I began to separate them into categories, music, writing, prayer, Jesus.

When I find a book that I forgot I bought, I sit down with my coffee and read a chapter.  I know there’s work waiting for me in the shop, but there is something very heartwarming about taking time to live and breathe and not allow schedules to box us in, which reminds me of a book I ran across and want to re-read – “When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box” by John Ortberg, also author of “If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat”.  I highly recommend them both!

So here is my summer Thursday recipe!  Put on some spirit filled music, pour yourself your favorite beverage and go through your book shelf.  Oh yes, I almost forgot I found a site on the internet that is helping me with book shelf style:  http://www.havenbyhayden.com/?p=868

I should have taken a picture of the before so I could show you the brilliant thereafter.  Oh well.

Happy Summer Thursday, my friends.  And don’t forget to eat breakfast!



2 thoughts on “A Summer Recipe for a Thursday Morning

  1. Cindy, I am a first time visitor to your site, and love your writing. I came here from Joe Pote’s Redeemed! blog, I saw your comment on his last post, and am responding here to be sure you receive my thank you for weighing in as a Christian who is ABLE and willing to know and be WITH people rather than preach AT them by means of a requisite lesson or “sales pitch” (which is life to a Christian, but just a sales agenda to an unbeliever who may be jaded by the heavy-handed approach of many other Christians). Many are missing Christ because of the church. They are looking for REAL relationships – with both people and Christ. As one who has been on both sides of that deal, again, I want to thank you, and tell you that I believe you are on the right track. Your kindness, acceptance, real-ness, calmness with those who dine at your church is spot on, and desperately needed! Blessings, Diane

    • Dear Diane,

      Thank you for reading, and your helpful comments. Yes, the Lord is teaching me so much about what love looks like. It is not a measuring stick. Most exciting of all, I am learning to listen. Recently I went to a movie called; Pacific Rim. I write music that is very soft and sensitive but love watching some science fiction movies because of the extreme creativity of thought. In this movie, it shows people/warriors tuning into one another’s brains which then allows them to run an incredible fighting machine (move the hands and feet), that eventually helps save the world. I couldn’t help but draw a parallel, the analogy was beautiful. Us tuning into God’s thoughts and responding, not only being his hands and feet but watching them work, fighting back the enemy, witnessing miracles! I’ve witnessed so many miracles lately, and the work that has been done isn’t in the single parents that we dine with each month, but mostly in me. Shaking off religious lists and putting on relationship. Waiting on God before I move instead of just pushing forward based on my own knowledge and strength. We are going to be having a volunteer workshop in the fall. Please pray for us, that the Lord will speak and I will follow and lead accordingly. One of the points He has already emphasized, is for heaven’s sake, have some of the single parents do the talking (share their stories)! Amen.

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