Discontent or Deleriously Joyful?

How many times do we stop ourselves and assess what we are doing? Life is more than work, work, work. Who are we? What are our strengths? What brings us joy?

I am fortunate to run a frame shop in a garage studio right outside my kitchen door. There, I can frame treasures for customers, but I can also create my own designs.

This morning I got a phone call from my daughter who had been up since 6:30, reading, writing and practicing music. She inspired me to get back to the piano as well, and with working right at home, I can definitely make time for that too.  She also shared with me that she had a day off and was taking time to go for coffee with a friend.  She has her priorities straight, straight, straight.

Sometimes we take our eyes off of everything God has blessed us with, our faith, our spouse, our children, our talents and abilities, our health, and our friends. If we are not careful we can become discontent in a matter of moments. Then the “grass is greener on the other side” invades our heart, if gone unchecked, this pathetic motto can become our mindset. Yikes! Don’t let that happen.

Don’t settle for tunnel vision either, and work, work, work. Take some time to discover who you are, what your strength are.   Are you working where those strengths lie? Perhaps you can make time after work, or on the weekends to celebrate who you are and what you like doing. Are you able to make time for family and the simple things, like taking a walk and listening to the geese fly over head?  I love listening to the geese arrive in the spring.  When they leave in the fall, I feel like writing a lament.

Don’t give into the nag of the almighty dollar either. Don’t work harder for more money, for some big fancy title or to build a reputation you think others want you to have.  Make more time to live simply, and if you are faith focused, well – you will know joy!

Here are a few of my latest creations. Some are on sale at my shop “My hometown Framing” and some are on sale downtown at “Ruby Bloom Studios”, in Olds, Alberta – Canada!IMG_2762IMG_2760  You can also visit my website:  http://www.newcindypalin.com to see more and hear more about what brings me joy!  I am hoping you will find that joy too.


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