Christmas Traditions for November

It’s late Friday afternoon.  Opening my shop door is like opening our refrigerator, without the food of course.  Instead of milk cartons – towering naked trees, I shiver just looking at them.  Where leaves use to swoop up in the corner of the front step, now lays our ice cube tray, or rather a foot of snow!  Winter decided to make a grand entrance last Sunday, without my permission.  Two can play at this game, I’m giving him the cold shoulder.

Yesterday I watched “You’ve Got Mail”.  Nothing more heartwarming for the winter blahs.  Each time is better than the first.  There I stood working on the final details of our Tree Festival entry “Polka Dots and Holly”, laughing out loud as if I were in the coffee shop with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  These are two Christmas traditions I would like to keep up, the Tree Fest and You’ve Got Mail.  Everyone should plan a seasonal community activity and pick a favorite Christmas movie.

Here’s a snippit of the writing in “You’ve Got Mail”

“I have a very thirsty date, she’s part camel”, or “The whole purpose of places like Star Bucks is for people with no decision making ability what so ever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee, short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low fat, non fat, etc.   So people who don’t know what they’re doing, or who on earth they are, can for only $2.95 get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self.  Tall, decalf, cappuccino!” 

Gotta love that sass!

Late yesterday afternoon I purchased a Christmas album off  iTunes.  Another new tradition as of last year.  December 2012 “Contemporary Christmas”, with my favorite tune on the album; I Bought You a Plastic Star. It’s never going to become a classic, but it makes me smile.  This year I bought “the Holiday” soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer.  Music that takes you to the moon and back!

Oh yes, and who can go without the tradition of watching the scene from Charlie Brown’s Christmas, where Linus explains what Christmas is all about?  I just watched it a few minutes ago and now…….. I’m right as rain.

Next weekend Midnight Madness comes to town.  People gather in droves and shop ’till they drop.  The girls and I always skipped the shopping and decorated our Christmas tree while Lloyd sold camera’s all night long.  Our son was usually away skating.  This year it might be just Lloyd and I decorating the tree.  I’m sure he’s gonna love it as much as he loves perusing car lots:)  Not.

Well it’s time to leave the shop and go open our real refrigerator to decide what to eat for supper.  I’ll turn on the fireplace, play a few games of scrabble and wait for hubby to come home and try to think of new Christmas traditions we can introduce to our family this year.




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