Beneath a Paper Lid

the "love man" performance

the “love man” performance

The past peers from beneath a paper lid.  Who I use to be sung by strangers, who I am today strangely lingers on my lips.  Melodies and messages a world apart.  Red rhinestones sewn by hand, nothing we wouldn’t do for our “skater man”.  Silver circles kept from dust reveal but just the start of us.  I gently keep and sort and weep for joy, we journey on.  I smile at God’s promise letters, for we’re getting better.

©CindyPalin Feb.25, 2014

The Temptation: to put the photo box on the shelf with my other photo boxes                                 The Taboo:  taking clutter from one place and moving it to another                                            The Problem:  Having to revisit the clutter at a later date “why put off tomorrow what we can do today?” Thomas Jefferson

The Contents:

  • 10 new DVDs and 1 new CD-RW
  • One Music Disc, Grad ’81, Compilation by “Turntable Terry”
  • Four Music Discs with some of my past original compositions
  • Two Discs with images belonging to our Son who figure skates.  Snapshots from a competition in Lethbridge, and from the World’s Figure Skating Championships – Opening Ceremonies in Calgary – 2006, of which our Son was a part of.
  • One Promise Keepers Cassette called; Wise Choices

Plan of Attack:

  •  throw out old software discs that are no longer compatible with computer
  • download photos from the image discs
  • post a few incriminating images to Facebook and hopefully live to tell the story
  • create new album in i-photo to edit and use at a later date
  • download songs onto iTunes and reminisce
  • Keep and file software that contains license numbers you still need
  • put empty photo box to use, or store where it can be used in the near future

The Challenge: What on earth do I write about?  So many memories in a half filled paper box.                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Question: Where were those pictures when I needed them?

The Key:  Make sure the next item I retrieve is bigger and heavier, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” Proverb, sometimes attributed to Knute Rockne.


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