The Witness

Little Laura reading

Little Laura reading

An ominous white storage box sat before me.  I wasn’t even going to try to guess what nightmare awaited me inside.  But… only a few stray books.  They weren’t mine.  Remnants of our daughter’s reading from her High School years, not that long ago.  Once she married she took some of her favorites with her, gave some away, put some in storage.  My guess, this box ended up on my shelf, on a day she was feeling overwhelmed.  Not one more decision could be made – so the book (buck) was passed. Oh that doesn’t happen often at your house does it?  How many things are you storing for your children, unawares?

Right away, I knew our public library would take some, but there were four novels that would be a great gift for the bedside drawer in our guest room.  Often times we enjoy having our children’s friends stay over.  Many of them are readers.  I knew for sure Hannah and Hailey would gobble these up!

I found a fleeting treasure in amongst the find, an old babysitting course notebook belonging to our eldest daughter.  Our youngest daughter wouldn’t have been caught dead babysitting.  Our son never had the time.

Inside the manual were handwritten notes by our twelve-year-old, what to do if someone is choking, how to dial 911.  I smiled, she didn’t know then she was going to become a registered nurse, although it had been her dream since she was eight, the same year she was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  For a time I wondered painfully if she would be able to babysit others’ children, or drive a car – ever?  I fingered through the book carefully and found an unexpected surprise.  A note to Laura, from someone at our church congratulating her decision to get baptized.  I pulled the note out and kept it.  One more reason to celebrate who she was then, and who she is now.  Completely healthy, nursing at a Hospital in Edmonton, happily married  and expecting their first child.  I think I’ll tuck the note in my Bible as a reminder to pray for their family.  Perhaps one day my grand-child will choose baptism?

All of the books I placed in the bedside drawer deserve a plug, but I’ll only mention one:  “The Witness” by Dee Henderson, Inspirational Romantic Suspense category.  I usually read only non-fiction, but I’m about to change that.  Can’t help but think of what this mother (me), has witnessed over the years, and all these thoughts from just one box on a disheveled downstairs shelf.

Got me thinking of how much I love books, why not learn a new related quote?

*Book Quote I found today:  “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”
Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Why not come up with a related design task?

*Design note: Reorganize your book shelves – visit this link for inspiration:

And finally – a related project that anyone can tackle – but it will take time.

*Project:  Write a book on someone or something that is very important to you.                   I am presently writing a book on my site at Heritage Makers,, about my daughter’s journey with Epilepsy.  It is called; “Laura’s Badge of Courage”.  It will be finished just in time for her 25th birthday.


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