All For the Glory of Love

Alright, I must have an affinity for cardboard photo storage boxes.  But remember, I am trying to pick the most daunting things off the shelf to deal with first.  This cold February morning caught me reaching for fall leaves and red berries, the warm and inviting pattern on this specific photo box.  Unlike yesterday’s container, this one was heavy.

Inside, nine VHS tapes of Christmas Past.  Because I own a frame shop my first inclination was to call downtown Vistek in Calgary,  We’ve gotten many of our video, and camera, as well as specialty photo needs, met there.  They don’t offer a service to convert VHS to DVD, but they gave me two names that do; Costco, and TR Communications Ltd., located in Calgary, Alberta.

As my calendar would have it, Lloyd and I are going to be in Calgary, the weekend of the 9th of March for a Chicago concert.  We listened to their music often, during the early stages of our dating relationship.  I found out just this morning that is was the early lead singer of Chicago, Peter Cetera who actually recorded “The Glory of Love”, which I purchased moments ago from iTunes.

Often we make the mistake to attribute a whole song to an artist/performer, only to find out that someone else wrote it.  In this case the vocalist is also part of the writing process.  “The Glory of Love” was written by Peter Cetera, Diane Nini and David Foster.  Although I don’t know for sure, it sounds like David Foster was the arranger as well.  Below are the lyrics from the chorus.

“I am the man who will fight for your honor, I’ll be the hero you’ve been dreaming of, we’ll live forever knowing together that we did it all for the Glory of Love”

To learn more about Chicago you may want to visit this link:

To learn more about Peter Cetera you may want to visit this link:

FYI:  We are going to visit TR Communications Ltd. in Calgary for our VHS needs,  because their price was the best.  And they are located in the lovely artsy Inglewood Shopping area.

*Immediate Task:  to put box of VHS tapes in back of vehicle for March 9th.  This way I won’t forget them and they won’t get put back on the shelf or tripped over while we wait.

*Can hardly wait to view the DVDs when they are done.  Who doesn’t like to watch old home movies of their children when they were small?  I think we’ll make popcorn and make a party out of it.

And all for the glory of love!


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