METAL is IN and Apparently SO is SHREDDED Paper!

What is it about containers that fascinate us?  The material they’re made of can tell us something about our personal taste.  That being said, my personal taste has got to fit in the “eclectic” category. I have every kind of container under the sun, but as you know I am about to change that.  Cleaning up, throwing out, or is that throwing up and …..anyway – I’m getting the job done one day at a time and blogging about it!

My photo boxes are usually cream with some of kind of warm antique feel as if I’m gravitating towards my grandmother. But who really needs all their photo boxes to match?  I guess I do.

My storage boxes, no big deal, but usually plain cardboard.  I do like that raw quality, and a place to label what’s in the box.  Perhaps that means I’m an earthy anal combination?

What about the metal kind of container? It appeals to my sense of clean lines, looks professional, and did you know?  Metal is in.  I think it’s a classic type container, like navy and red in fashion.  Never goes out of style.  In actuality I believe we bought the metal containers for fireproof reasons to store important paperwork.  And indeed, I looked inside and found paperwork dated 2001.  I have heard from reliable sources that you can throw your personal paperwork out after seven years.  If I am wrong I apologize, to whom ever I need to apologize to – because I am shredding the paper as we speak.  I know, multitasking, two hands on the keyboard and big toe on the shredder power button.  Kidding.  Be careful using a shredder!

The shredding lasted for about five minutes.  It has got to be the most mundane chore in the world.  And what to do with it after it’s shredded?  We can use it to pack boxes, or recycle it.  I highly doubt any lurking criminals at the recycling station would want to piece my top-secret information together – but you never know.  So…. maybe a craft?

I betcha it wouldn’t take me long to find something on Pinterest,  handmade and spectacular, and out of shredded paper?

You may want to visit me at Pinterest and check out what I found!

one of my own creations at

one of my own creations at


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