Change the Message to Fit the Problem, or …

There’s a bird singing a rather complicated series of notes outside my bedroom window.  It’s not the melody that has captured my attention and stirred me out of bed, it is the consistency of the intervals.  I can count to five between every whistle, almost as if the bird call was an automated drone.

I want to be like that bird, granted I want to write many melodies, not just one.  But I want to be consistent!  I don’t want to quit seeking the truth, and living the truth.  I want to be faithful.

That bird call takes faithfulness to a whole other level.  I don’t think God expects me to stay in one place, just like He doesn’t designate one branch for that bird to sit on the rest of its life.  Thank God I don’t have to sing the same song, in the same key, every five seconds, but I do want to get the message right.  I want to say the same thing for as long as I live.

That’s where life can get really tricky, when life gets hard.  Many times we are tempted to change the message to fit the problem, or we can ask God for help and decide to be FAITHFUL.

Dear God,

Out of your great love for us, please give us the strength to be faithful.



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