….at a dance?

A swing band from Calgary called The Rhythm Barons came up to the College Campus Hotel – The Pomeroy.  The event “Swing Back in Time” was an Olds Hospice Society fundraiser.  I was invited to sing my original written to support the Hospice, called “The Dance of Life”, which by the way is available on iTunes, and on the Hospice website:  www.oldshospice.com

What struck me as so fitting, was the young swing dancers who came up from Calgary as well, who taught us swing steps during the band’s break.  A delightful instructor from the college had remembered one of her students had mentioned he loved to dance.  This connection proved to be very beneficial for those of us at the dance.

Here I was singing about “every moment shared is music for the final journey, every tender offering means all of us are learning one more step to the dance of life“, and I was learning dance steps.

To my surprise, even though the band was playing music from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and I was born in the 60’s, I knew several of the pieces from my music study days.  Some of my favorites “Missed the Saturday Dance” by Nat King Cole, and “Satin Doll” by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, as well as “Route 66”, another by Cole.  I had learned these classics while singing in a jazz choir.  Soon I remembered one of my recent goals; to relearn one jazz piece per week, on the piano as well as practice the vocals.

I was able to see and visit with people from our community that I usually don’t get to bump into, some of whom had recently lost loved ones and hence connected to the Hospice Society, others drawn by the music and the cause.

Unfortunately, my husband was unable to attend the event as he was away, and some might think going alone rather uncomfortable, but the joy and the privilege of serving others with a song is certainly a God moment to me.  One of which I am thrilled I did not miss.  I look forward to watching the connections made last night, grow into long-lasting friendships, as we all continue to learn new steps to the dance of life – together.

*(Comments for the band:  smooth and true vocals, bass parts superb, loved the brushes, and the horns we just couldn’t do without, job very well done guys, everyone – sound, everything, and thanks for the sound system, and friendly help.)

*(Comments for the dancers:  Taylor and Craig and Chelsea, just three of whom I met personally last night, thank you for the steps, the patience and I hope to come down to Calgary soon.)


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