Living Life Driven, isn’t Living – Let God Drive

“The days crawl, but the years fly” I heard a young mother of two tell me yesterday morning.

When you get older, and your children have left the nest, the days fly, and the years evaporate like a drop of dew at first light.

And it’s ok, as long as we can learn to embrace each moment, to celebrate where we are in the “now.” This takes discernment, and an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying.

I couldn’t drive up to see my grand-daughter today, and at first I felt disappointed to say the least. Knowing I will see her on Sunday, which is Father’s Day, does ease my mind. However, it got me thinking about a bible verse found in Matthew 6:34, “don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself…”

As I revisited that verse I realized I can look forward to seeing my loved ones this coming weekend, but should I not also look forward to this day? I can make a ton of lists in order to prepare for my guests, but what about preparing for today?

Middle age helps us understand life, and time in a new light. I use to get tripped up on the word “worry”. Consider the word “driven”. There are people tied up in knots about how they are going to provide for their future. But what about the those who cannot enjoy today because their minds are always set on what they want to accomplish tomorrow? It’s like waking up, and going to bed, and missing everything in between. Living life driven, drives us to distraction, and that my friend is not living at all.

We have our check lists, but prayer lists are far more valuable. You can continue to revisit your checklist, and check off the boxes through out the day as you complete each task, or you can give your entire list to God in prayer – once, and walk away knowing everything you do that day is covered and orchestrated by the Creator. Your tomorrows, and todays are everything they are suppose to be with God in the driver’s seat. No “what ifs”, no “should a, would a”, just moving forward with peace that surpasses our own understanding, no matter how fast life’s speedometer reads.


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