About Cindy

This year I want to dig through my music randomly, pull out a song,  and blog about why I wrote it.  If I’m really inspired, I’ll make a sound file to go with it, if it hasn’t been recorded yet.

Studied at Red Deer College, majored in voice.

Independent artist with five albums released, visit 1140 am, iTunes, and YouTube.

Most recent Producer:  Mark Troyer of Calgary, Alberta

Member of Word Guild of Canada, and have placed as a finalist two years running.  Shannon Ethridge and her B.L.A.S.T. class was instrumental in that department as well. After completing her class (building leaders, authors, speakers and teachers), I added blogging to my writing rituals www.cindysouljourney.wordpress.com

Studying at Briercrest College and Seminary, for my Bachelors in Christian Studies.

My husband and I attend First Baptist, in Olds, Alberta.

Wrote a song for our Hospice to raise awareness and support.  It is called; The Dance of Life.

Approved speaker with Christian Women’s Club of Canada.


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