…on the street corner

Recently my husband and I decided to take one week away from it all.  We arrived in a city after our eight-hour journey and asked the hotel clerk for restaurant recommendations.  After we dropped off our suitcases we took her advice and enjoyed gourmet at its best and an all around class act at RauDZ in Kelowna, B.C.

After finishing our dinner we intended to go right to our vehicle and go back to the hotel.  Leaving the restaurant we noticed a motley crew to our right, and turned left instead.  As we rounded the corner I saw a young man bending over a tri-pod.  Rather than walk by, I felt as though I should stop.  Seconds later the photographer lifted his head.

I came face to face with a young man I’ve been praying for, for over a year.

When you pray for someone you become connected.  I had forgotten that the young man had moved to Kelowna, but God hadn’t.  And that is the whole point, when he puts someone on our heart, and asks us to pray, he also orchestrates surprise updates, so we can see for a fact He is answering prayer!

Thanks Jesus, you’re the best!


On Pet Peeves, Writing and Something Red

Hard to believe I’m typing on my laptop at the airport in Kitchener/Waterloo International, it isn’t something I like to do.  Everybody else might, but I don’t.  It’s just a ridiculous as phoning someone on your cell phone when you’re out for a walk – as if the world will end if that person doesn’t hear from you in the next sixty seconds.

Another thing I don’t like, a pet peeve if you like; people clapping in movie scenes.  There’s some sort of hollow, lack luster insincerity when they clap, the one moment in the entire movie where it’s clear they’re acting.  My shoulders rise, and I shiver the same as when the little girl in the church pew behind me rattles her gum wrapper.

While we’re on the topic of pet peeves, opening packages seems to still be in the running for number one.  Hubby says I need to use my teeth, but I say that’s not lady like.

Our trip to the mid-east of Canada for the Word Guild Gala and the Write Canada

Write! Canada

Conference has been both informative and relaxing for us, although for some, programming the GPS for random interests then driving to them, may not sound like fun at all.

We like to frequent city centers and drive around the historic areas, snapping pictures of old houses and the backsides of dilapidated downtown buildings, usually found from a  back alley view.

It doesn’t matter where you go, there’s always a welcoming Irish Pub, and we found two on this tour, one of which came with a beach volleyball net and a truckload of sand.

I got to buy a fancy dress before we flew out for the conference.  Hubby bought me a matching clutch with bling to match.  St. Jacob’s market on a hot Saturday afternoon afforded me one classy floppy sun hat with a black and white polka dot sash (which I’ve always wanted) and one pair of much-needed sun glasses that fit over my prescription lenses.  I thought for sure the glasses would look stupid, but they are very cool in my opinion.

I didn’t win in the Word Guild Lyric category, but feel very honored in having placed as a finalist.  The writing conference that followed kept my brain spilling over, you could almost see a chandelier (as opposed to single light bulb) above my head and strings of words crawling out of my ears.  I have approximately four hours on the plane ride home to review eight hours of workshop material where I plan to reorganize my writing calendar, so I can meet my new writing goals.

Oh yes, and lest I forget – we continue to be on the hunt for all things red in order to know what accents to buy when our kitchen is complete.  Can’t identify my decorating flare,  although I have a sneaking suspicion it is “eclectic”, but I’ve decided I am going to make a list of my favorite finds and then make and create my own versions instead.  For example; I love the plethora of Eiffel Tower decorative structures we found, but I’ve never been to Paris, so why buy one to sit on my counter?  So I’m going to think long and hard about the some of the places we have been, mix that with my personality and see what transpires.  Some of the photographs we took on this trip could be changed to black and white and I could Photoshop one focal point red?  Whatever comes of my creative brainstorm,  I’ll be sure to write about it and post it, so you can laugh or applaud.

And if I thought I was a writer before, I can hardly wait to see how my writing grows from here……

P.S.  When I get home and feel like uploading photos, I will make sure to share one here!

What Freedom Looks Like


Harris Beach, Oregon

The lady at check-out had told us to stop off at Harris Beach, if we got the chance.  She didn’t say our lives would never be the same, if we didn’t.  She should’ve.

We followed a brush shaded walking path, generously covered with a week old, chocolate/gold leaf carpet.  Then out into the open, to paradise.  I carefully stepped over an ancient washed ashore tree and saw what freedom looks like.  Immediately my lips sang words in praise of you, out loud, as if I’d always known the song!

Barefoot I stood in the sand watching the left over lace from a powerful receding wave, tickle my toes and erase early morning deer tracks.  Scattered mini mountains soldiered the shoreline as if they were my personal guardians.  As the surprising November sun warmed my face, I felt your watchful eye upon me.

My arms lifted from my side without permission, a signal to my spirit’s invisible wings to fly closer, higher and light upon your shoulder to hear your morning whisper and feel your breath in my hair.   I heard you and replied, “What you have made is good indeed, my Lord!”

White knuckled waves clinch the rocks before me, shake the earth beneath me, thunder all around me and I tremble in reverence.  But I only bow to you.  The faith pulsing behind this mortal frame, because of the cross – is stronger than this sea.

My body is but a pebble on this glorious shore, but a pebble with a purchased soul. This pebble sized faith can speak to this untamed leviathan as if I were the moon’s gravity itself and freeze the tide mid roll, if you asked me to, just as Moses stretched his staff towards the Red Sea.  It parted, folded back on itself, lifted towards the heavens and for what?  For your Glory!

I could live on this beach, I could lay in this sand for eternity!  I recall a prayer spoken one year prior, an ache for a beach, and a rest, a vision of sand and sun.  Here I am and here You are!  And knowing You and Your love, should I be surprised?




Connecting the Dots, Point to Point!

Point Arena, California

Our initial plan was to drive from Sacramento to Eureka, California, then due north from there, but after talking to Cory, “Disney on Ice” Show Director, we changed our plans.

We took Interstate 80 west and then highway 37.  Our first stop was Point Reyes, where we bought a coffee from a quaint bakery and asked for directions from a jeweler who informed us we were standing on the San Andreas Fault.  And may I say – sunshine all the way from there, through the Sonoma Valley, trying to decipher between salt water from fresh, farmland from marsh?

Always thought purple was a man-made color, but apparently it’s another one of God’s specialties and he paints some of the flowers here in California – purple.

We thought we’d stay in Bodega Bay, but decided to go further up the coast, destination Mendocino.  Tuned the radio to a local station called; SKUNK, and hummed along to “Heh There Delilah”.  Who sings that song?

Passed quite an expansive development on Pebble Beach, called; Sea Ranch.  All the houses are built with the same materials, color and style.  Must look up that development when I get a chance.

Took a two-mile detour out to Point Arena lighthouse, by this time the fog and rain had socked us in and the lighthouse looked more like a forlorn statue than an angel of light.

Somewhere we happened upon Point Stewart where family had begun resurrecting an ancestral landmark.  Walked into a converted house to find an incredible Deli with mixed gift-wares and antiques.  I had chicken cranberry salad on rye, Lloyd had a marinated beef sandwich, of which we cannot remember the exact name.

Stopped at a vista point before Mendocino and sang along with Huey Lewis and the News.  Lots of Cypress trees, one particular root system fought with a fence, not sure who won.

Passed a sign “Tsunami Hazard” as we descended rather rapidly into a low-lying area of the highway.  Construction slowed us to a halt where we were warned our wait might be as long as fifteen minutes.  Work on the bridge ahead.  The good news, the highway worker was friendly, the bad news; the sign read “bridge completion 2014”.  We might be a while.  I decided to text our children and let them know we were alive and well, but there was no service.  We sat on the road in the middle of what seemed to be “nowhere” rocking to “Keep on Rocking Me” by the Steve Miller Band.

On down the road we drove, past a beautiful grove of Cypress, all in a row, towering over us like guardian soldiers.  On our left, we whizzed by a large barn like shop with a funky name; Sisters……., we decided we missed out on a rather hip flea market, or large garage sale.

We rolled into Mendocino early enough to still see, but too cold to walk around and find a place to stay, so we pressed on to Fort Bragg for lodging with the hopes of returning in the morning.


Unless you Own a Cape…

Thanks for a wonderful show, Disney on Ice! We love you!

Thursday am we finally made a point of getting John’s camera in the mail, bought a GPS for obvious reasons, bought a camera cord and I spent quality time with two employees from Best Buy trying to find out who a mysterious musician was on late night television.  I still don’t know who he was, but will soon.  I’m convinced – he’s amazing, and not the “American Idol” kind of talent, better than; -real, unique, indie, maybe even hipster, and certainly not cookie cutter!

Eric and cast had a show to do, and I didn’t want us to tire him out before hand.  What am I thinking?  “Tired” isn’t in his vocabulary.  However they did lay low and we met them at the lobby around 3:30 to take them for their ice time.  Warning!  Do not run GPS and iPhone at same time – conflicting directions can cause a headache.  But we did find the arena and also discovered it has three names, now that’s as clear as mud!

The show was amazing and in Chuck’s words “it never gets old”.  But….never pose with the cast after the show unless you happen to own a cape and stand six feet two.  Especially avoid standing next to Elastigirl from the Incredibles.  I thought I looked rather short and dumpy before, now I’m positive.  Not to mention, all those photos won’t be publicized anytime soon.  Besides, those of you who know us, don’t need a picture to remind you what we look like.  And Chuck, if you can hear me, you had better destroy your copies or our friendship could be in peril.  On the lighter side – your picture (Chuck) and yours (Lloyd), turned out!  Perhaps I can Photoshop my head on someone else’s body?  I need to ask God why men age better?  Statistically speaking, women may live longer, even after giving birth several times, but men age better.

Cory, thanks for your travel advice for driving up the West Coast.  We took your advice and made sure to slow down and smell the ocean air!

P.S. Kate you are amazing and we appreciate all you do!  And of course, we love you Eric, Mariko, Callum, Tommy, Taylor, Miranda and others…Great Skating!