Late Night Talkin’

Digging through my files I find “Late Night Talkin'”, written in the summer of 2009.

As I read through the lyrics it isn’t hard to remember what event inspired me to write.

When your kids are small, and they scrape their knees, you get the colorful cartoon band-aids out and then follow it up with a barrage of tender kisses.  All is forgotten and healed in a matter of seconds.

When they’re not so small, and their first love rejects them, no amount of mama’s kisses will do.  So I spent a lot of late nights talking to Jesus.

“Late Night Talkin'”

Use to be I spent a lot of time dreaming, who would I fall in love with?

What would his name be and how many children, would God choose to give?

Well the wedding was sweet and my lover so fine,

and our children are better than best,

So why does the pain never leave? Band-aids to heart-break it seems.

Falling down never was good, at least I could kiss ’em better again.

If it wasn’t for late night talkin’ asking Jesus, precious Jesus,

please be with us – where would we be?

Now we always tell them to never stop dreaming, nothing is too far to reach.

Trust in the Father, and honor your parents, and be the best you can be.

Well the journey starts sweet but the world isn’t kind

and we all end up put to the test,

So why does the pain never leave? Band-aids to heart-break it seems.

Falling down never was could, at least I could kiss ’em better again.

If it wasn’t for late night talkin’, asking Jesus, precious Jesus,

please be with us – where would we be?


To DO for WHAT or to BE for WHOM?


BAPTism (Photo credit: dtcchc)

The other day I was chicken little, and the sky was falling.  Perhaps those days are somewhat common for a number of people, especially in January or February when the snow is left over and dirty and the air is grey and S T I L L cold.  But this particular day was very low, the sky had already fallen and I couldn’t see.

Everything I’d ever done for the Lord kept repeating in my head like a broken record, followed by these irritating, echoing question marks.  I asked my Lord “what is it all for, everything I’ve recorded or written down, or worked at and invested in?”.   I felt as though every little note and lyric was being sucked down some vortex.  Every time I looked at the stack of files full of songs I felt as though God had forgotten them.  I had spent hours, weeks, months and years perfecting, writing, recording, networking and for what?

“And for whom?” he replied.

About four years ago I remember asking God, “If I’m going to miss what you want me to do, then please bring it to the door!”

He brought them to the door, and many of them were carrying pieces of their broken lives in their hands.

To DO for WHAT, or to BE for WHOM?

A phone call came a couple of days after my L O W day, from one of the single Dads we met three years ago when we started a single parent dinner.  Over time we have become good friends.  I could hear my husband talking on the phone and instantly I knew that our friend had called to tell us he was getting baptized.  I could just tell by the tone in my husband’s voice and sure enough, after passing the phone to me – that was exactly it.  He was getting baptized and wanted us to come.

Suddenly not a single thing mattered other than our friend’s choice to publicly announce his choice to follow Christ.

I heard those words again “for WHAT or for WHOM?”

I heard something else too.  We measure what we “do” because that is what we know from birth, that is what is natural to the flesh – doing and measuring.  How futile.  But when we become followers of Christ, we don’t measure what we do.  We don’t measure that which is spiritual.  How would one even begin to measure the transformation of one person’s heart, and the chain reaction that is set in motion from here to eternity?  I suppose we could begin just by looking upon the cross.  But our hearts will never be able to completely fathom His sacrifice.  When we become followers of Christ, we learn how to relate to a person, and “be” like Him.  And what does that “being” look like?

We love and that love covers a multitude of sin. “Remember this; Who ever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins”, (James 5:20 NIV).  That love saves a precious life from death.  That love brings purpose and a future and a promise that no one can take away.  “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”, (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).

And I am in awe that we get to BE a part of that, a part of Him, a part of others’ lives.