The Measure of a Mighty Man

In a perfect world everyone is content.  But we live on a fallen planet.  All our “green” thinking can’t stop the red blood of betrayal from spilling into the streets.  Hooray for recycling, but relationships can only take so much.  We can tell ourselves that our choices are our choices, that it’s nobody’s business what we do.  But we can see how “nobody’s business” is disintegrating the very fabric of our lives and all in the name of “Happiness”.

My dear friends, life is not about doing what makes you happy.  Life is about doing what is right.  True love is about considering the consequences and the ripple effect of our choices.

One of the reasons the Christian lifestyle is often rejected,  is because it is perceived as an authoritarian view.  People are afraid they won’t have the freedom to do as they please.  But doing as we please, is just history pathetically and brutally repeating itself.  God showed the Israelites in Old Testament times,  a better way to live, but they always defaulted to “as they saw fit”.

Kinda sounds like our attitude today, and where has it got us?  Broken pieces trying to nurture broken pieces.  We need to be humble enough to admit our human heart needs divine intervention.  Then we need to be patient enough to hear God’s voice.  Then we need to be sober enough to admit we need His instruction and wise enough to trust Him.

I think the measure of a mighty man, is the humble man who admits he needs Christ’s help to build a life worth living, to make decisions he can be proud of, and choices that bless others instead of tear people apart.













Maintaining Healthy Relationships

I’ve been working on a paper for school.  I share this information not because I am focused on the importance of chasing intellect, but because the subject of my paper and my present heart ache are connected.

I am exploring the importance of remembering God’s saving deeds throughout history and sharing that information with the next generation (Psalm 78).  Ultimately the message scripture is revealing is about maintaining a faithful relationship with God, which brings me to the question “how do we maintain healthy earthly relationships?”

We know if our relationship with God is not healthy and growing, our earthly relationships will also be affected.  If our relationship with God is healthy we are able to embrace others. Perhaps the word ’embrace’ only applies to some, and the word ‘accept’ applies to others?

See what I mean, we are such a fickle people, deciding whom we should love based on what feels comfortable, always so in tune to the immediate and the physical.

Jesus tells us to “love our neighbor as ourselves….but if we show favoritism we are sinning”(James 2:8,9)

What if we are doing everything in our power to maintain a healthy relationship with God, but some of our earthy relationships still remain strained?  We cannot control another person’s response, but we can ask God to help us with our attitude.

I’ve also wondered, why I seem to be harder on people who are believers, when they make bad decisions?  Is it because they know better? Perhaps it is an opportunity for me to see how God feels when I disappoint him.

The Israelites knew better and God was patient with them.  They rejected Jesus and put him on a cross.  Here we see God sacrificing his own Son in order for us to be in relationship with him.  I find it amazing how He loves us all the same too, how his love isn’t based on our height, or weight or smell, or intelligence, or behavior.

Perhaps I have come full circle.  By constantly remembering what God has done for us, our mind has no room for pity or circumstance, no time to point the finger of blame? By constantly talking about what God has done and can do, we are obediently announcing that we trust Him with everything, especially that which we don’t understand, and totally mesmerized with who He is!

That’s where I want my mind right now Jesus; totally off my circumstance and pain, praying for those who have hurt me, for they too must be in pain, and a heart that is totally in awe of YOU.