Life is so short….

Still cleaning off those shelves in the basement….

Another Album, but this time I knew what was in it.  Sometimes knowing and seeing is a whole other story.  Knowing my sister’s family photos were in there, was one thing.  Seeing them is another.  My sister and I were never close in High School.  Come to think of it, my brother nailed it.  Our family was never big on relationship, so we faked it.  You know when stuff is faked, because it eventually fizzles.  But it doesn’t have to.

It all depends on whether we pay attention to the spiritual realm.  The earthly realm has us all fooled.  Most families go along as if everything is normal when everything is really one big competition.  Everybody has to one-up everybody else?  Who said?  But that’s the thing – it isn’t a competition – not in the spiritual realm.  Jesus intends for all of us to run the race of faith together – towards the goal, with joy!  If someone falls down you pick them up, not stand there and wonder if they’re worthy.

In the earthly realm we look like a bunch of barbaric vikings, jumping at each other, running ahead, or trailing behind or beating each other with sticks, or worse yet – axes.  No grace.

I looked at the photos – there was one picture I took of her and my new brother-n-law at the airport.  Lloyd and I had gone to see them off for their honeymoon.  I was convinced they needed our support because they were so darn young, they just might have trouble finding the right plane.  Ya right.  Now I have to giggle, of course they didn’t need us to see them off, but it was a nice gesture all the same.  I kept wondering if they’d know how to book a hotel, or ……silly me.

Another photo of their first baby and I, with my God forsaken perm.  So much for following the trends.  They said Desiree had a hair issue when she was born, I think it was me!

I close the album – enough for one night.  I plan to scan the photos and maybe make a memory book on heritage makers.  I’m also praying that some of the photos will make a great anniversary present for them when June comes along.  Maybe I can find some photos to use for their daughter Rochelle’s and son-n-law to be – Clay’s wedding?

If not, one day I intend to sit somewhere on a porch in a rocking chair right beside my sister, and look at the photos with her and laugh,  and really talk for the first time.  What is it about age?  Most people don’t really talk until they’re 70, because there’s nothing left to lose.  There is no chance of mis-communicating, unless your false teeth jump out, or you forgot your hearing aids.  No idle chit-chat about regrets or tardy apologies, or empty accusations, but about gratitude and eternity, and that we’ll be there together as sisters in God’s family.

Life is so short….