Settling for Shade, When you can Have…

Went for a walk today. I have this favourite trek all mapped out, one that allows me to avoid traffic eighty percent of the time, and disappear into nature while still in town. Thanks to my specific route I can tell you where the deepest purple lilac bush grows, and the bluest blue spruce. I’ve found one of the longest living row of trees that line the north face of a hidden park. Today I needed their shade.

As I made my way home on the last stretch I noticed something different, a piece of nature that wouldn’t have been there a week ago, and won’t be there the next time I round the bend.

One lone pink rose. The unique thing about this rose was how it had its head stuck through a metal fence. It was smiling in full bloom despite its predicament. The metal fence had those plastic inserts which hid the rest of the bush, and the yard in the shade. But this one rose wanted the sun and left everything behind to get it. Everybody else was settling for status quo, but not her.

I think she knows it won’t be long and the wind is going to take a swipe at her petals. Sticking out so far into the unknown is risky, but settling for shade when you can have the Son? There’s nothing like the Son.


…..raking leaves

My plan was to use the treadmill and have breakfast before starting work in the studio.  That plan changed when I walked out into the unusually mild fall weather and saw the dancing leaves.

Many of my neighbors had been sweeping the leaves off their driveways and raking them off their yards, while I had left them carpeting our property with their festive yellow hues.  I marveled at their color and the sound of their voices whispering to me as I swished through them ankle-deep.

The forecast for the next day was rain.  Dry leaves are a joy, wet leaves get really messy.  My morning plans shifted.

As I swept large piles of my yellow friends from the sidewalk into the gutter, I noticed a lady out walking her dog.  To my surprise she waved and crossed the street towards me.

She called out to me by name, and I nodded.

She had seen me leading worship on Thanksgiving Sunday, and recognized me from across the street.  She and her husband were new in town and were attending our church.  She was very pleased about living in the area.

While we chatted she noticed a bird, a white breasted nut hatch, is what I think she called it.  The bird was peeking at us from a nearby branch.  As I listened further, I learned they can go backwards down a tree, and their call sounds like a “sick duck”.  Her words, not mine.

Our conversation shifted to her family.  Sadly her adult sons had suffered issues at Bible School.  Her children shared the same gift and love for music I did.  One of her sons was finding life quite difficult, in a city nearby.  I asked for his name.

I briefly told her about a pattern that had been developing as of late.  I pray for one of my framing customer’s sons, and she prays for mine.  All young people experience challenges as they move out into the world and find their place and purpose.  If it was alright with my new neighbor, I would pray for her son as well.  She nodded and commented on the importance of prayer.

We both embraced on the end of my driveway, and waved goodbye.

I didn’t tell her how my Grandmother’s prayer had saved my life thirty-three years ago on Thanksgiving day.  That’s another major God moment story for some other time.

Beneath a Paper Lid

the "love man" performance

the “love man” performance

The past peers from beneath a paper lid.  Who I use to be sung by strangers, who I am today strangely lingers on my lips.  Melodies and messages a world apart.  Red rhinestones sewn by hand, nothing we wouldn’t do for our “skater man”.  Silver circles kept from dust reveal but just the start of us.  I gently keep and sort and weep for joy, we journey on.  I smile at God’s promise letters, for we’re getting better.

©CindyPalin Feb.25, 2014

The Temptation: to put the photo box on the shelf with my other photo boxes                                 The Taboo:  taking clutter from one place and moving it to another                                            The Problem:  Having to revisit the clutter at a later date “why put off tomorrow what we can do today?” Thomas Jefferson

The Contents:

  • 10 new DVDs and 1 new CD-RW
  • One Music Disc, Grad ’81, Compilation by “Turntable Terry”
  • Four Music Discs with some of my past original compositions
  • Two Discs with images belonging to our Son who figure skates.  Snapshots from a competition in Lethbridge, and from the World’s Figure Skating Championships – Opening Ceremonies in Calgary – 2006, of which our Son was a part of.
  • One Promise Keepers Cassette called; Wise Choices

Plan of Attack:

  •  throw out old software discs that are no longer compatible with computer
  • download photos from the image discs
  • post a few incriminating images to Facebook and hopefully live to tell the story
  • create new album in i-photo to edit and use at a later date
  • download songs onto iTunes and reminisce
  • Keep and file software that contains license numbers you still need
  • put empty photo box to use, or store where it can be used in the near future

The Challenge: What on earth do I write about?  So many memories in a half filled paper box.                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Question: Where were those pictures when I needed them?

The Key:  Make sure the next item I retrieve is bigger and heavier, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” Proverb, sometimes attributed to Knute Rockne.